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Autism-Friendly Kids Hair Trimmer – Low-Noise USB Baby Grooming Clipper



Baby Hair Clippers with Vacuum: This baby hair clipper features advanced technology with a hair storage bin. It automatically collects most of the clipped hair, ensuring your baby’s comfort and relaxation during the haircut. You can choose to enable or disable the auto-suction feature as per your preference.

Super Quiet Trimming Design: With noise levels under 45db during operation, this electric hair clipper is ultra-quiet. It’s ideal for use with babies who might be sensitive to noise or even when they’re asleep.

Safe & Reliable Design: The hair clipper has a widened R-shaped round corner design with swing blades, making the outer edges of hair cutting more rounded and the inner edges sharper. This design ensures safety and ease of use, even for beginners. Three guide combs of varying lengths are included to trim hair to the desired length.

Waterproof & Removable Washing Design: This baby hair clipper set is IPX7 waterproof and designed for easy cleaning. After the haircut, simply use the provided cleaning brush and rinse the clipper body with water.

Powerful Charge Options: This kids’ haircut kit is cordless and rechargeable, offering a long battery life. It takes approximately 2 hours for a full charge, and in case you forget to charge it, you can also use it while plugged in. Enjoy the convenience of arranging haircuts anywhere and anytime.


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