Two confirmed cases of Japanese encephalitis in NSW – News – NSW Health

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NSW Health is urging the community to stay vigilant and take precautions against mosquito bites following confirmation that a further two NSW residents were infected with Japanese encephalitis (JE) earlier this year.
A total of 10 NSW residents have now been infected with JE, with the latest two confirmed cases in the Riverina region.
The ninth case is a young man from Carrathool Shire LGA whose infection onset was in January. The 10th case is a man aged in his 70s from Lockhart Shire LGA whose infection onset was in late February.
early evidence shows mosquito numbers are declining it remains important that people throughout the state continue to take steps to avoid mosquito bites.
Recent flooding in the Northern Rivers Region has led to an increase in local mosquito populations so people in this area need to be particularly vigilant.
The JE virus is spread by mosquitoes and can infect animals and humans. The virus cannot be transmitted between humans, and it cannot be caught by eating pork or other pig products.
There is no specific treatment for JE, which can cause severe neurological illness with headache, convulsions and reduced consciousness in some cases.
It’s important to avoid being bitten by mosquitos. Simple actions you can take include:
In line with national reporting structures, NSW Health reports any new cases and locations on our website.
NSW Health has secured JE vaccine for groups recommended by the Communicable Disease Network of Australia (CDNA) because they are at higher risk of exposure.
Further information, as per the CDNA Guidance is available from the Department of Health.
For further information on mosquito-borne disease and ways to protect yourself go to Japanese encephalitis.

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