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Wildlife officials are letting residents know what to do if they see a baby raccoon because it's "baby raccoon season" in the Hudson Valley.
"The Woodbury Animal Shelter would like to let everyone know that it is baby raccoon season right now," the Woodbury Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. "We will not be removing or relocating raccoons (or any other wildlife). They live here too and we need to respect that."
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According to the Woodbury Animal Shelter, you shouldn't panic if you see a raccoon out in the daytime because the animal is likely just searching for food.
"If you see a raccoon out in the daytime, please don’t panic, she is probably just a mom looking for extra food since she is nursing her babies. This is completely normal behavior for this time of year and we encourage you to enjoy watching her from a safe distance," the Woodbury Animal Shelter stated.
The Woodbury Animal Shelter says if you keep a safe distance from a baby raccoon, or most wildlife, the animal won't bother you.
"Please keep a safe distance from all wildlife and they will not bother you," the Woodbury Animal Shelter added.
Last week, Hudson Valley Post reported police warned residents after several people reporting seeing a large bear. While a likely rabid fox bit a person and dog.
Last month, a woman spotted six bears around a bird feeder in Orange County. Check out the photos of the bears below.
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