Cheryl Cole speaks out about near-death malaria experience – Chronicle Live

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Cheryl Cole has spoken of her near-death malaria experience as she helps to raise funds to fight the disease
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Geordie pop star Cheryl Cole has told of the “pain” of her near-death malaria experience as she helps to raise funds to fight the disease through Sport Relief.
The singer, who will reprise her role as judge on the X Factor this year, claims doctors gave her just a day to live at one stage when she was struck down by the illness – spread by mosquitoes – in 2010, after contracting it on a holiday in Tanzania.
She will address viewers of the BBC’s charity night spectacular to encourage them to donate money to help efforts against the disease, paying for medical supplies and mosquito nets.
Cole will introduce a film, shot in a hospital in eastern Uganda.
Her previous charity efforts have included climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief to help with malaria efforts, a year before she had her own health scare.
She said: “When I climbed Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief five years ago it was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
“The motivation lay in knowing it could help in eradicating malaria and ultimately saving lives by providing mosquito nets.
“I didn’t for one minute think that only a year later I would get malaria myself and become so ill that at one point I was given 24 hours to live.
“It was the scariest thing you could ever imagine for me and for my friends and family.
“The pain I felt and went through, it’s what so many people go through, all because they don’t have a mosquito net which could save their life.
“I was lucky, I had the best care I could get. Some people are not so lucky.
“A £5 mosquito net could keep a child safe and really does help.”
The number of children dying annually of malaria has dropped by 150,000 since the one million who were dying in 2009.
But the Geordie star said: “There are still hundreds of thousands who still need our help.”

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