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SeeVay is a baby product store that provides comprehensive safety checklists and a curated selection of high-quality, safe baby products. Our mission is to give new moms peace of mind by ensuring their baby’s safety is always top of mind.
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Planning a family is a precious time and spotting the positive sign on the pregnancy strip can overwhelm you with sheer joy! Once you know that there’s a baby inside you, you would want to do everything you can to keep them protected from harm.
From giving up caffeine, alcohol, adopting a good lifestyle and taking care of your nutrition, parents-to-be take all necessary precautions to ensure the baby’s well-being.
While we have long known that not all household supplies and products are safe to use during pregnancy, recent studies conducted at Edward Via College and Virginia Maryland College have found that the composition and ingredients used in some of the most commonly used products may be linked to birth abnormalities and impact the baby’s health – even if only one parent were exposed to chemicals. That being said, here are some products you should be very cautious of:
Before you go painting the nursery or making changes to your house, be aware that wall paints and upholstery agents as such may have traces of lead, which may increase the risk of birth defects or premature birth. Try to use products which do not contain solvents, or sprays and keep the room well- ventilated or, if you can, have somebody else do the work for you. That way, you can avoid any possible problems.
While mosquito repellents come in handy to fight nasty bites and bugs, they might not be pregnancy-friendly. Even if they are safe, they do contain a very small concentration of DEET and other chemicals in them, which can percolate through the skin and so it is best avoided during the initial few months when the baby is developing.
Try to replace these repellant solutions which the natural ones, or choose products which are certified and tested.
Mothballs generally used to repel insects, moths and neutralize smells in nooks and crannies contain 98% naphthalene, which is a toxic chemical. The side effects can range from inducing nausea, dizziness and lead to severe health complications in the fetus if they are ingested or come in contact with. If they are not stored properly, it can lead to serious trouble.
Sometimes, even the most unsuspecting things could be the carrier of diseases and infestation. Studies have found that household products, like cat litter box or sandbox, contain parasite, called Toxoplasma gondii which, if ingested, can lead to serious birth complications in babies and cause other side effects for the mother as well. According to experts, this has the same effects as the ones transmitted through unwashed, raw fruits and vegetables and contaminated water.
Plastic is bad for the planet, period. But avoiding plastic is something which pregnant women should most definitely try, as much as they can. This is because plastic has been found to contain traces of dangerous chemicals like phthalates, which can be easily absorbed through the skin or released when you expose plastic to extreme temperature (or heat them). These chemicals, for one, have been linked to causing severe fetal complications and affecting reproductive growth in little ones.
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