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Detections of mosquito-borne diseases have been reported in NSW this year. Now that some mosquitoes carry viruses that can make you really sick, it's more important than ever to continue to protect yourself from bites – Spray up, Cover up, Screen up and Clean up! 

Most mosquito-borne diseases found in NSW don’t have vaccines so it is important to protect yourself against mosquito bites.

Knowing how to prevent bites is your best protection – spray up, cover up!
Reducing the number of mosquitoes around your home or business can help prevent mosquito bites.

Find out how to reduce the mosquitoes around you – screen up, clean up!
Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is the only mosquito-borne disease in NSW that is vaccine-preventable.

Vaccination is recommended for those at highest risk of catching JEV.
Mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases that are spread to humans through mosquito bites. A number of mosquito-borne viruses have been identified in NSW, most recently Murray Valley encephalitis, and Japanese encephalitis. 

More information on Japanese encephalitis
More information on Murray Valley encephalitis

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