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Summer is here and the mosquitos are back in full force! Check out these DEET-free, kid-friendly mosquito repellent patches from BuzzPatch!
Disclosure: The folks at BuzzPatch sent me some samples to try of their Mosquito Patches and Itch Relief Patches.

These easy-to-use mosquito repellent patches contain Citronella and undiluted essential oils to make a unique custom blend on the non-woven fabric patches.
I walk on the local greenway in the woods every week so I put on one of the patches just before I took a 1 hour walk last week. I placed one on each sock since I seem to get bit on the ankles and legs a lot. The directions on the package indicate that you should “attach the sticky side to your clothes closest to your exposed skin.”
I will say that I did not get bit at all while wearing the BuzzPatch patch mosquito repellent patches! I have used them a couple times since then and have not been bit, either.
The patches have a citronella scent that is a bit strong when you first open the package but is pleasant and does not smell strong once they are out of the package and were on my clothing. I was able to remove the patches easily and they did not fall off during use.

I really like that they are DEET-free and don’t involve a sticky or chemical smelling spray.
I can definitely recommend these patches and plan to give some to friends with kids to use as well.

BuzzPatch Patches

According to the company, there are a number of benefits to using the BuzzPatch Mosquito Patches including:
* Safe to wear on outer clothing.
* The scent creates a virtual shield, camouflaging kids from mosquitos
* Non-intrusive, effective, non-toxic, and DEET-free
* Developed by scientists to be 100% kid-safe and all-natural
* Made from Citronella and lavender essential oils, with adhesive patches made from medical-grade tape
* Most effective in the first eight hours and continues to be effective for 24 to 72 hours from opening
* Come in resealable packs to keep the freshness in for up to six months
* Each pack contains 60 assorted colors and fun designs for everyone
* Price: Starting at $12 per pack (60 patches in each pack)
The company also makes Itch Relief Patches, although I did not get bit, so I have not needed to try them.

For more information, visit https://buzzpatch.com.
You can also follow them @buzz.patch on Instagram.

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