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As expected, after a very humid summer, health authorities have warned Aussies to be on high alert for mosquitos and the health risks associated with their pesky bites.
You could douse yourself in sticky and smelly mozzie repellant, or buy those equally as smelly and arguably less effective citronella candles. But have you thought about a mosquito zapper? Designed to attract mosquitos, flies and other pesky creatures, they zap them away so you can sit in your backyard in peace.
With many on the market to choose from we've found some of the best across different price ranges that will save your skin. So now you can enjoy your backyard barbecues without being bothered by the bites. 
NOTE: Prices are accurate at time of publishing.
Weighing just 730 grams, this portable zapper is ideal if you're on the move. It's rechargeable through solar power, or also through a USB if that works for you, and boasts a 20 hour run time, so it will reliably zap those bugs around you for some time before needing a charge.
This ultrasonic device is chemical and scent free and covers up to 1,200 square feet to send mozzies and other creatures on their way. It takes approximately two to three weeks to take full effect, but uses limited amounts of power. It plugs directly into your power outlet, but the output power is only two to three watts, so it's not going to surge on your power bills. The pack comes with six to use in different rooms in your home and doubles as a night light, so the kids can sleep safe and sound, and bite-free.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this zapper attracts the mosquitos using a UV light and shocks them with 3,000 volts of power. It is completely chemical free and safe around children and pets – especially for little fingers and paws with an isolation net included. 
It has an operation time of five to eight hours and can be recharged within two to three hours using the provided USB cable and lithium rechargeable battery. It's also heat and scratch resistant as well as portable and lightweight.
This swatter weighs 340 grams and is foldable and portable. It has up to a five-hour battery life and can be easily recharged using a USB cable. The purple light attracts mosquitos and zaps them using 3,000 volts. 
The electric grid is protected with two external grids to avoid accidental zaps. Not only can it be used to swat, but can be hung on a wall as a regular zapper and repeller.
What makes this one a little more unique is the more than 2,800 'diamond grids'. This means that there are several possible directions and angles to zap mozzies, so it can zap more no matter where they are flying around the device. 
When sitting by the campfire, or going on a bushwalk, who really wants to be left carrying a heavy lantern or left all sticky from the aerosol repellents? Sized to fit right in your pocket, the Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller covers up to 21 square metres from the person holding it to help prevent the buzzing and bites.
It uses a butane cartridge that heats up the internal repellent mat and releases a repellent allethrin. It's designed to work quietly and have minimal odour as well as being easy and lightweight to take on all your adventures.
Using UV light, this insect trap attracts mosquitos, gnats, moths, fruit flies and other unwanted insects, captures them with an in-built fan and traps them on a glue pad at the bottom. For best results, place in a dark room sized approximately 30 square metres and preferably where these pesky creatures like to roam (among rubbish bins or plants) and let the machine work its magic.
This trap comes with a USB cable and AU power adapter to get it working, as well as 10 glue pads to use. If you need a refill, they can be bought separately here.
What looks like a tennis racquet is actually something much more powerful. Made from three layers of grids and using 3,000 volts of power, the Night Cat swatter easily kills the annoying mozzies flying around. The two exterior layers are not electric, only the internal aluminium layer is electric, so it is safe to use and hold.
There are two settings – one that turns on that electric layer, and another that activates an LED light to attract more insects towards it. It takes about six to eight hours to recharge, but will last up to 20 to 30 days. 
On the more expensive side of the zappers, this high-tech device has been studied and tested by entomologists (those who study insects) for the best possible product. It uses a repellent that lasts for up to 40 hours and travels up to a 15-foot radius.
It uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which takes approximately five hours to fully charge, and lasts about 6.5 hours on a single use. It is designed for outdoor use only, but is scent-free so your backyard meals won't be interrupted by the mozzies or the smell. 
If you're not a fan of the black, it also comes in blue.
This is one of the more powerful zappers on the market, using 4,000 watts of power to kill the bugs. It uses a UV light to attract the mozzies and zaps them from an internal grid, making it safe to keep around kids and pets. It is lightweight, weighing only 300 grams, and covers 80 square metres, so everyone in your backyard will be protected. It is not rechargeable but rather relies on a direct connection to electricity. Included is a 1.2 metre power cord.
Mortein is an iconic brand that does the job well (and has a catchy slogan), so this one is typically towards the top of the list.
Using an automatic timer, the plug-in will release an odourless repellent that will switch off after 12 hours. Included is a refill of repellent that lasts up to 30 uses. This is for indoor use only. 
With two different zapper settings, the B.ALL zapper kills both mozzies and flies. The purple setting kills both bugs, but the yellow setting kills mosquitos, but not flies. It works for up to eight hours in a single use and can be recharged using a lithium battery or the USB cord provided. 
It is best used in a dark environment and approximately 1.5 metres above the ground. While it can be used outdoors, it is not waterproof, so be mindful of the weather outside when using. 
This one is currently 15 per cent off, and available for $14.44
Weighing just under one kilogram, this zapper has a high voltage grid of 4,200 watts to quickly shock the mozzies that come near it. It can be used inside and out and is completely chemical free and odourless. It also has a coverage of up to 80 square metres. It's safe around children and pets and the high voltage shock grid is encased, so there won't be any accidental shocks. 
This zapper has one of the fastest recharge times of only three hours. It has two settings, one for mozzie attracting and zapping, and the other simply as a night light. It works for up to 16 hours as a zapper and 60 hours as a night light. 
It has an approximate 120 square metre coverage and is best used when kept in a corner. It's also one of the quieter options available, with the zap reaching a maximum of 20 decibels – which is a similar sound frequency to that of someone whispering close by. 
This small zapper uses a 4200-volt electrical grid and an 11 watt UV light bulb to draw the bugs and mosquitos in. Although powerful, it's safe to leave around children and pets, with a safety grid to stop anything else from getting a shock. You can sit this one in your backyard, or use the hanging ring to catch the bugs mid-flight if you prefer. It's recommended this zapper is used at night.
With a mosquito tray and brush at the bottom, you can keep the zapper clean by simply sweeping out the grid when the time comes.
If you want more bang for your buck, this zapper also functions as a camping lantern and flashlight – with five different light settings for your desired brightness. Using advanced electronic insect control, it attracts bugs via UV light and kills them using a 600 volt grid, creating a bug-free zone, which measures at 16 x 16 feet wide.
While it comes equipped with a USB charger, you can also charge it via solar during home use or camping use if you leave it out in the bright sun. Best of all, it's only $37 on Amazon.
What looks to be a small desk lamp is actually a powerful bug repellent. Without using any chemicals and making less than 20 decibels of sound, this lamp uses 360-degree UV light wavelengths that attract mosquitoes lingering up to 10 metres away, and its fan turbine sucks them in and captures them.
If you're looking to keep them away while you sleep, it's recommended to turn the device on in a dark room two to three hours before heading to bed so it captures the nearby bugs before you enter the space. 
Resembling a little Halloween lantern, this mosquito killer will give you up to 36 hours of mosquito-free summer peace before it needs a USB recharge. With a three-level LED light to attract mosquitos, they are trapped and zapped on the inside of the orange safety grid, which keeps any humans from getting hurt by the device, too.
This one is also water-resistant, making it easy to clean in the sink, and possible to use both at the beach and poolside.
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