Mum shares trick for preventing mosquito bites on holiday & it’s only a fiver… – The US Sun

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A WOMAN has revealed the simple way she keeps mosquitoes at bay when she's on holiday, and it only costs £5.
The mum made the discover while looking for ways to protect herself and her baby from mosquitoes while on holiday in Cancun, Mexico.
She said on Mumsnet: "I am literally mosquito food – if there's one in a ten mile radius, it'll get me.
"And they [the bites] swell massively, so I want to be extra prepared this time.
"I will also have my one year old with me who I will need to protect too.
"I have a pram shield but can't use Deet on littleies [sic]."
Several mums filled the comments with helpful tips such as using mosquito repellent like Incognito Roll, taking antihistamines and wearing long-sleeved clothes at night.
But another mum shared her own hack and many people probably already have a bottle in their bathroom cupboard.
She wrote: "Honestly, Avon Skin so Soft is the best thing I’ve used.
"I get bitten instantly and have a massive reaction, but I just spray all over and job done.
[It has an] added bonus of being moisturising after a day in the sun."
While Avon Skin so Soft isn't marketed as an mosquito repellent, in the same post another mum also recommended the spray to help ward off the pests.
The accidental deterrent can be bought for £5 from the Avon website, or bought as a pack of three on Amazon for £13.95.
Alternatively, an 'internet mom' influencer has revealed that she grates bars of soap to repel mosquitoes on warm evenings.
If you are a magnet for mozzies, it could be something you're doing – wearing black, drinking beer and being pregnant can all make you more attractive to the bloodthirsty insects.
One travel writer has hailed mosquito bands as a "game-changer" in the fight against the pests.
Meanwhile a bite prevention expert has revealed how holidaymakers can use the CLOAK method to prevent mosquitos from ravaging them on their holidays.
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