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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is well known for populist schemes.

Most of them were either free or highly subdised. Crores of people, especially women, have benefited from these in her two-decade-long reign.

Here’s a snapshot

The first welfare scheme launched by the Jayalalithaa when she came to the power in 1991.

Under this, anyone could anonymously give their new born babies to the state. The state would take care of the baby. Even the state has the right to give them up for adoptions.

The scheme was aimed at lowering the number of female foeticide and gender-based abortion.

Thalikku thangam thittam or ‘Gold for marriage’ scheme was implemented in 2011.

The scheme was named after the popular social activist Moovalur Ramamirtham.

It offers four grams of gold and cash of up to Rs 50,000 to financially backward women who have completed degree or diploma.

All the canteens run by city corporation, offer food for as little as Rs 1. The canteen was an instant hit. It was maintained by women self help groups.

Tamil Nadu government provided free laptops to all the students studying in state-run higher secondary schools or colleges.

If you are in Tamil Nadu, you will often notice water bottles with Amma’s logo on it. It costs Rs 10 per litre.

Popularly known as ‘Amma water’, it is the least expensive packaged drinking water available in the market.

Another populist scheme by AIADMK government where every mother who gave birth in the government hospital gets 16 types of products worth Rs 1000 without paying a penny.

This kit contains a baby towel, dress, bed, mosquito net, baby oil, soap, sanitizer, doll, medicine (for both the mother and the baby).

After AIADMK came back to power in 2011, they announced free table fan, mixie and grinder for the poor.

In 2012, Amma implemented this measure – Amma mediclaim.

Under the scheme, each family was guaranteed Rs 1 lakh per annum for the period of four years.

These medical shops sell all kind of medicines – generic and branded lower than the market rates.

Daily wage labourers are the most benefited from this scheme.

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