Delhi witnesses huge surge in dengue cases; know the basic prevention tips every Indian family needs to follow – Times of India

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Delhi is witnessing a huge spurt in dengue cases – with more than 100 people diagnosed with the infection in the past one week. These new registered cases have taken the tally of dengue cases in the capital to nearly 400 so far this year.

According to a recent report released by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), 152 cases have been reported this month till September 17. Civic officials said dengue cases were recorded earlier than usual this year due to weather conditions congenial for mosquito breeding, as per PTI.
According to the data, in the last one week, 101 fresh cases have been reported. Fortunately, no death has been reported so far this year due to the disease. Apart from dengue, the report added that 92 cases of malaria and 17 cases of chikungunya have also been reported this year in Delhi till September 17.
During an anti-dengue drive in Delhi, mosquito breeding has been found at public places and government offices, including a police academy and a metro station. Legal measures were taken by the civic authorities.

In a statement as per PTI, it said, MCD has “started proceedings to lodge a police complaint” against a private construction company, undertaking construction work at IIT-Delhi campus in Hauz Khas, since “heavy breeding of mosquitoes were found at the site”.
Apart from construction sites, mosquito breeding can even happen in our homes, especially if preventive measures are not taken. Amidst the rising dengue cases, here are some basic must-follow measures that every household should undertake:
One of the most efficient ways to prevent dengue fever is to use mosquito repellent creams. The duration of protection usually varies depending on the brand, it is best to use them in the evening and before stepping out of the house. Make sure you do not overuse these, limit to maximum 3 times a day. Also do a patch test first, to avoid any reaction.

In case a cream does not work for you, you can also try mosquito patches, repellent bands and anti-mosquito wipes. These usually also work well for protecting children against mosquito bites.
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With the nip in the air and rising dengue and malaria cases, it would be wise to unpack your full-sleeves clothes and lowers that cover the skin as much as possible. When most of your skin has a protective layer of clothing, your chances of getting bitten will already come down. Also, prefer lighter shades of clothes as they are believed to repel mosquitoes.

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With rains and breeding mosquitoes, it is essential to clean your house properly everyday. Use cleaning solutions and other deterrents that prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. Adding lemongrass to water before cleaning the floors will also help to repel mosquitoes. Cover the windows of your house with mosquito nets. This will keep the houses ventilated and prevent mosquitoes from entering.
Mosquitoes are prone to breed in areas that are dirty and stagnant pools of water. Do not collect dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or trash in the house for too long. Make sure water is not collected anywhere in the house, such as the washroom or cooler. Make sure clean water in the house collected for drinking or cooking purposes is also properly covered.

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