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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first public appearance since announcing that they’ll rescind their titles and step back from official royal duties starting in the spring.
The Sussexes attended a private JPMorgan event in Miami Beach on Thursday, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed with Insider. The event was held at 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida, and a palace spokesperson confirmed that Prince Harry was a speaker at the engagement.
A source told Page Six reporter Emily Smith that Prince Harry’s speech focused on his mental health and the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, who died in 1997 in a car crash in Paris after a chase with the paparazzi. 
“Harry spoke about mental health and how he has been in therapy for the past three years to try to overcome the trauma of losing his mother,” the source was quoted in the Page Six report. “He talked about how the events of his childhood affected him and that he has been talking to a mental health professional.”
Prince Harry also reportedly talked about his and Markle’s decision to step back from royal duties.
“Harry also touched on Megxit, saying while it has been very difficult on him and Meghan, he does not regret their decision to step down as senior royals because he wants to protect his family. He does not want Meghan and their son Archie to go through what he did as a child,” the same source told Page Six.
Representatives for Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the subject matter of Prince Harry’s speech at the JPMorgan event. However, the prince has talked about his mental health and coping with grief in previous interviews.  
In 2017, Prince Harry told journalist Bryony Gordon in an interview for “Mad World” podcast that in his late 20s, he sought counseling to cope with the loss of his mom. Prince Harry said that his brother, Prince William, encouraged him to seek help.
“There’s huge merit in talking about your issues,” Prince Harry said in the 2017 interview. “Keeping it quiet … is only ever going to make it worse, not just for you but everybody else around you as well, because you become a problem. Through a lot of my 20s, I was a problem, and I didn’t know how to deal with it.”
Prince Harry and Prince William — who were 12 and 15, respectively, when their mother died — reflected on their memories of Princess Diana in a 2017 ITV documentary.
“It has been hard and it will continue to be hard,” Prince Harry said in the documentary. “There’s not a day William and I don’t wish that she was still around and we wonder what kind of mother she would be now, and what kind of a public role she would have and what a difference she would be making.”
On January 18, Buckingham Palace announced that starting in the spring, Prince Harry and Markle will no longer formally represent the Queen. They’ll no longer use their HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) titles and will stop receiving public funding.
In a speech Prince Harry gave on January 19 — his first public remarks since the announcement about the couple’s move to step down from royal life — the prince spoke about his “great sadness” regarding the decision, but that ultimately, it’s what he believes can help his family live a “more peaceful life.”
Since mid-January, Prince Harry and Markle have been rumored to be residing in Vancouver Island in Canada’s British Columbia province. Part of their initial announcement about stepping back from royal life was that they would plan to split their time between the UK and North America, though it’s not yet clear if they’ll make Canada their permanent residence.
Representatives for JPMorgan did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.
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