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Monsoon brings with it a terrible problem and that is of mosquitoes. It is very difficult to save oneself from the blood sucking creatures, and babies can specially be troubled as they cannot defend themselves. How do you save them from mosquitoes?
You should try to do everything possible to prevent your baby from mosquito bites, as you can understand that it will affect them terribly and will also hurt them. You should not depend on mosquito coils and sprays too much because they can harm your baby’s health to a great extent.
Instead you should make sure that you take enough precautionary steps to keep your baby safe and away from mosquitoes. Remember, that it is during the rainy season that your home would get most infested by mosquitoes.
Do not let them Breed
Mosquitoes love water, and this is how they breed. Your job is not to allow them to breed. In order to prevent your baby from mosquito bites, you need to remove all standing water, and keep your home and the surrounding areas clean. Remember to clean all clogged pipes and repair any leaky ones. Make use of goldfish or freshwater minnows, so you can control larvae in pools.
Create a Safe Environment
Make sure that you create an environment which is safe. For example, always use screens on windows and even on your doors and always keep them in good condition. Take measures and stay inside at dusk and during early morning. This is because mosquitoes are most active during these times. These ways you can prevent your baby from mosquito bites.
Protective Layer on your Child
Protect your baby from mosquito bites by putting protective clothing on your baby. You should do this even when the weather is warm. Dress up your child in long sleeve shirts and pants and as well as socks. You can put lighter colour clothes as they refract heat and some even say that bright colours and patterns can attract insects.
Usage of Mosquito Net
Use mosquito nets for your baby so as to protect him or her from mosquito bites at night or even during the day. You could pace it over the baby’s car seat, stroller and other places when you are taking him or her outside. Make use of the net especially every time your baby sleeps.
Places Out of Bounds
Do not allow your child to go to places that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Places that are wooded and those that have stagnant water are largely inhabited by insects. Mosquitoes breed in still water, so avoid bringing your child to locations with motionless water. The amazing fact is that one mosquito is capable of laying 250 eggs and they will hatch in 7 to 10 days. Also, get rid of standing water in your backyard to deter them from breeding there. Unused children’s toys, empty garbage cans, or portable children’s pools can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
Repair all the broken windows in your home so that you can make sure that mosquitoes do not come in at all. Also, keep your child in an environment that is away from the windows and has good room temperature. Your baby is very prone to getting bitten by mosquitoes, be careful and take action.

At SeeVay, we know that the safety and well-being of your baby is your top priority. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to make sure you’re always on top of your baby’s safety. We understand that being a new mom can be overwhelming, and there’s so much information out there that it can be hard to know where to start.

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