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Wasps are the unwanted guests at every summer soiree that can strike fear in the hearts of so many, as they swarm around with a relentless buzzing and no regard for personal space. Not only are they annoying, but you Britons also risk being stung if they try to shoo them away. The best way to avoid having to get rid of these is to deter them from entering the places you want to be, such as inside .
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According to the experts, all the best ways to keep wasps away involve utilising their sense of smell. 
Kameliya Ilieva, Pest Control Specialist at Fantastic Services said: “Wasps, like every insect, possess a keen sense of smell.
“This attracts them to food sources but is also how you deter them from your home or garden.”
Here are several ways to stop wasps invading homes and gardens.
Spritz a room or outdoor area with peppermint essential oils or use an essential oil diffuser to repel wasps naturally. 
The expert said: “Essential oils are excellent wasp repellents. 
READ MORE: ‘Effective’ 99p method to naturally repel mice from homes‘Drives them away!’: ‘Effective’ tip to keep wasps away with ‘DIY powerful repellent’Citronella candles are famed as an easy way to keep wasps, flies, and other airborne pests away“The most popular is peppermint oil, which also repels lots of other insects as well. 
“It is also a natural ingredient, which will not harm them but will deter them effectively.” 
Walter Murphy, pest control expert at PriceYourJob agreed and suggested: “Use this to your advantage and create an easy, powerful peppermint repellent spray.
“Simply shake a tablespoon of peppermint oil with four cups of water in a spray bottle.”
Before Britons sit to have their meal, spray the solution around the dining area. 
The expert added: “This is an effective method to drive the wasps away, without using harmful chemicals or killing them.”
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Create ambiance and deter wasps at the same time by burning citronella candles, which are famed for an easy way to keep wasps, flies, and other airborne pests away – making them the best scented candles for summer.
Walter said: “Citronella candles are a simple but effective way to repel wasps without having to kill them or spray chemicals around your children and pets.
“They release a fresh, distinctive odour that will make your alfresco setting difficult to locate for wasps, bees, flies, and other insects too. 
“Most supermarkets, homeware, and hardware stores stock citronella candles.”
They can also be bought as tealights, so homeowners can place them around their garden in candle holders.
There are household food types that wasps hugely dislike, such as coffee and cloves. 
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Walter explained: “Wasps have an incredible sense of smell and detest the powerful odour of certain food sources.
“Smells that discourage wasps include fresh mint, ground coffee, cloves, and tomato stems.”
Keep these on hand to deter wasps during your time outside.
In addition to the multiple ways of cleaning with , it turns out that this kitchen staple can also be used to keep wasps away. 
Kameliya suggested: “Vinegar is another natural ingredient that is effective against wasps and can be used to keep them away.When different pests are most active“Spraying a mixture of vinegar and water will irritate then and their sense of smell and keep them at bay without harming them.
“You can create your own DIY spray to keep any wasps away from your garden or outside working areas.”
To do this, fill an empty spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water, and you’re all set. 
Remember, you can spray different areas outside, but it will only work for a limited time, as this is a temporary solution. 
So be sure to mix up enough solution to last the duration of your stay outdoors.
It’s recommended to spray the diluted solution on table linens and other upholsteries that can be washed, should you find the vinegar smell a little overpowering – however, it shouldn’t linger for too long.
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