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Insects are a crucial part of your ecosystem but there are some seasonal pests, including flies and mosquitoes, which can be frustrating to have lurking around while spending time outdoors. According to several  experts, there are plenty of natural remedies you can use to keep these away without killing them, and growing fragrant  is just one of them. So which ones should you consider planting in your garden?
Whether you’re using your garden for some quiet relaxation or are hosting family and friends, there’s nothing worse than being swarmed by flying insects while enjoying your outdoor space.
Of course, you could spray yourself with a homemade mosquito repellent, but how can you stop them from coming into your garden in the first place?
While mosquitos are attracted to certain scents, these blood-thirsty bugs also find some aromas unpleasant and will avoid them wherever they can.
READ MORE: ‘Just like that’: Homemade solution that gets rid of cockroachesMosquito/ planting lavenderPlanting herbsEssential oils are often derived from the most fragrant plants and are commonly used to ward off household pests.
Just as eucalyptus oil is a great deterrent from nuisance insects, the natural scent of a live eucalyptus tree is equally as effective.
In fact, the long-lasting aroma which surrounds the delicate green foliage is even more long-lasting.
Chris Bonnet of Gardening Express said: “The Eucalyptus Gum Tree is also worth investing in.
“This plant is well known for its insect repelling qualities thanks to its pleasant menthol aroma.”
This leafy green herb can be grown indoors or outdoors, as long as it has access to plenty of sun.
The stronger the smell the more effective the plant will be, so add a couple of plants into your herb garden for a lovely display.Lavender plantsMore commonly known as “mums”, these bright flowers are highly effective against mosquitos, and they look spectacular in the last few hours of the evening sun.
These bold blooms are best placed around patios and seating areas to serve as a beautiful display and natural shield against mosquitos.
Chrysanthemums secrete a natural toxin that acts as a pesticide, though it is harmless to other garden wildlife and humans.’
However, cat owners should take care with this plant as it is toxic if consumed.
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Planting flowersIt may come as no surprise that lavender is on the list, but there’s good reason to plant this shrub if you’re bothered by mosquitoes.
The woody stems and lilac buds are full of essential oils which bother these nuisance bugs, so it’s worthwhile growing lavender in borders or pots to ward them off your food and skin.
What’s more, lavender is a hardy plant that is easy to care for, so you can keep it for years to come.
As an extra layer of protection, consider layering lavender essential oil onto your skin by mixing a few drops in with a body moisturizer.
Or, keep a lavender spray made of dried lavender and water on hand to spritz flying insects away.
These golden flowers are the ultimate companion plant and have a significant impact on common garden pests.
Not only can they reduce slugs and snails from eating crops, but they can also ward off mosquitos and flies with their fresh aroma.
Plant these striking blooms in pots and borders to keep bugs away and move the pots around where necessary to guard your seating areas.
Another staple herb for the garden, the overpowering blast of mint is enough to ward mosquitos away in an instant.
Mint bushes are known for their rapid growth, so keep on top of pruning away dead leaves to maintain the intense scent.
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