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The only thing worse than getting covered in itchy, irritated bug bites is being covered in sticky, noxious bug spray. If you’re looking for some better smelling protection from mosquitoes this summer without the fumes, you’ll be happy to hear about natural bug sprays.
All-natural insect repellents aren’t nearly as effective as those that contain DEET, which is safe to use in proper concentrations but doesn’t have the most pleasant aroma. A 2002 study showed that most botanical repellents offered protection for less than 20 minutes. But natural bug sprays use essential oils and plant-based products like beeswax and castor oil to keep the bugs away, so they smell better, can be great for short trips outside or frequent re-spraying, and some are said to even work on pets and plants.
To help you step up your natural bug spray game, we’ve rounded up plant-based bug sprays that smell great. They’re all safe for kids, though recommendations for infants and little ones vary, so be sure to give that a look before you buy. For each bug repellent, we’ve listed the scent notes and a positive review from other natural bug spray lovers.
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